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Auto pocket sticking machine system

Auto pocket sticking machine system


Automatic pocket sticking machine is applied to the sewing of jeans’ and shirt’ pockets, which can achieve automatic process like pockets’ hem folding with ironing-free, material taking, sewing, material receiving and etc.. It has the advantages of easy operation, high efficiency, and continuous sewing.


l Uses industry-leading sewing motion control algorithm with beautiful trajectory and good effect.

l Fully automatic material taking, hem folding, sewing, and material receiving, which brings an extremely high efficiency.

l No need to collect pocket shape, with five built-in basic pocket styles. Only input parameters are required, and the required sewing patterns will be generated automatically, saving time and being efficient!

l Has function for zigzag sewing, backstitch for reinforcement.

l The spindle speed can reach 3500r/min.

l X and Y axes support closed-loop stepper/servo driver with rich custom instructions and multiple IO extensions.

l Supports multiple languages and voice prompts.

l Can use U disk for file and parameter import/export, processing statistics, encryption lock machine, WIFI remote management, etc.


Application examples:


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