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Control system of placket machine

Control system of placket machine


This machine can easily sew the double lip bag, single lip bag, big and small lip bag, cover bag, zipper bag, single lip slant bag, double lip slant bag, cover slant bag of sportswear, suit, trousers, fashion and leisure coat. The output is as high as 2300 ~ 3000 pieces / 8 hours, and the key process of sewing and cutting T-shirt placket is completed at one time, so the wrinkle at the bottom of placket is effectively reduced, It is especially suitable for sewing all kinds of men's and women's T-shirts, such as open tube, dark tube and decorative tube. The fabric with or without stripes can achieve better, faster and more stable effect than manual.

Functional features:

●  The automatic sewing system is specially developed according to the requirements of placket sewing process and open bag sewing process. It can be used in one machine for multiple purposes. It can not only sew the placket but also open the bag. It has built-in sewing modes of 2 categories, 5 modes and 13 kinds of products.

●  It has many functions, such as automatic thread cutting, automatic presser foot lifting, automatic reverse sewing, automatic fabric folding, thread breakage detection, needle spacing adjustment, output calculation and so on.

●  Simple operation, Chinese and English can be freely switched

●  The built-in online chart operation manual can be consulted at any time, and can be operated at will without books, which greatly improves the convenience of operation.



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