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Auto placket sewing machine system

Auto placket sewing machine system


Auto placket sewing machine can easily sew double jetted pockets, single jetted pockets, sizing jetted pockets, flap pockets, zipper pockets, single jetted slanted pockets, double jetted slanted pockets, and flap slanted pockets for sports clothing, suits, trousers, and fashion casual jackets. Its output can reach 2300-3000 pieces/8 hours, and it can complete the key process of sewing and cutting T-shirt plackets at once, effectively reducing the wrinkling phenomenon at the bottom of the placket. It is especially suitable for sewing various men's and women's T-shirts with real, false or decorative plackets, striped or striped-free, achieving better, faster and more stable results than manual work.


l An auto sewing system specially developed for placket sewing and pocket opening sewing requirements. It can be used for both placket and pocket opening sewing, and has 13 varieties of sewing patterns in 2 major categories.

l Has functions such as auto thread cutting, lifting presser foot, backstitch, fabric stacking, thread breakage detection, stitch length adjustment, and production calculation.

l The operation is simple and can be switched between Chinese and English.

l Built-in online chart operation manual, which can be consulted at any time, greatly improving the convenience of operation without the need for a physical manual.


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