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Auto overlock sewing machine system

Auto overlock sewing machine system


Auto overlock sewing machine system (Linking machine) is mainly used for stitching woolen sweaters, and it can efficiently and quickly sew sweaters. It is easy to operate, with multiple steps intelligently executed, and can improve production efficiency by 3-5 times compared to traditional operations, achieving exquisite stitching results.


l Integrated with an 8-axis motor driver, high integration, precise control, and easy to use.

l Automatically retract and release fixtures, lift presser foot, separate needle, feed material, and rotate the needle.

l The spindle speed can reach 3500 RPM, and it supports stepless speed adjustment through an electronic pedal.

l Equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, supporting multiple languages, voice prompts, and remote network management.

l Flexible parameter settings, comprehensive safety protection, processing statistics, and alarm prompt information.

Application example:


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