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Control system of automatic sleeve fork machine

Control system of automatic sleeve fork machine


The full-automatic sleeve fork sewing machine is applied to the sleeve fork sewing operation. It only needs to input the data into the sleeve fork fabric to realize the functions of automatic non iron folding, automatic sewing, automatic receiving and stacking, which can achieve high quality and high efficiency sewing effect.

Functional features:

●  The sewing control algorithm accumulated for many years has high sewing efficiency and good effect

●  The sewing size or style of sleeve fork can be modified by importing graphics or simply inputting data

●  It has the functions of automatic reclaiming, folding, thread cutting, presser foot lifting, reverse sewing, fabric folding, thread breaking detection, output calculation, etc

●  7-inch touch screen man-machine interface, support multi language switching, voice prompt, remote networking control and management

●  The electronic control integrates multiple motor drives and I / O ports, and the hardware is easy to expand

●  With spark's unique self programming software and graphic instruction software, various functions can be easily added through mouse click, making the machine extremely flexible and personalized.

Application example:

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