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Auto sleeve vent sewing machine system

Auto sleeve vent sewing machine system


Automatic sleeve vent sewing machine is used for sewing sleeve vents, and can achieve auto folding with ironing-free, sewing, and material receiving and stacking by simply inputting data and placing the sleeve fabric, thereby achieving high-quality and efficient sewing effects.


● Uses industry-leading sewing motion control algorithm, with high sewing efficiency and good effect.

● Import graphics or simply input data to modify the sleeve sewing size or style.

● Has functions such as auto material taking, folding, thread cutting, lifting presser foot, backstitch, fabric stacking, thread breakage detection, and production calculation.

● 7-inch touch screen with a human-machine interface, supports multi-language switching, voice prompts, remote networking control and management.

● Integrates multiple motor drives and input/output ports, making hardware expansion convenient.

● Equipped with unique self-programming software and graphic instruction software from Xinghuo, various functions can be easily added through mouse, making the machine highly flexible and personalized.

Application example:

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