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Control system of soldering machine


C-201H soldering robot control system is a special control system for automatic soldering machine specially designed by Xinghuo Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd. It can realize full offline setting, U disk file input, and hardware U disk upgrade.

Features are as follows:

1. The control core adopts 32-bit floating-point high-speed DSP, and the main frequency is up to 150MHZ. The device parameters can be set completely away from the PC, and the full optocoupler can completely isolate the external electromagnetic interference, and the system is stable and reliable.

2. Onboard 64MB memory (expandable), run independently from the PC, equipped with USB and U disk interfaces, can directly read cad coledraw  files, and configure independent software to realize the soldering movement of complex graphics.

3. Five-axis linkage control (X, Y, Z, U, V axis motion system) can be realized, there are 24 groups of IO input and output ports, and multiple soldering heads can be expanded.

4. It adopts hardware interpolation and direct teaching function, which can realize fast linear and arc interpolation and various complex trajectory movements and CAD and CAM software control.

5. It only needs to connect different motor drive systems to control servo, stepping and other motion mechanisms.

6, LCD Chinese display interface, good man-machine interface (touch screen can be customized).

7. Support foot switch, safety protection, and multiple external controls.

8. The system is equipped with a password verification function so that users can restrict various operation permissions; up to 30 levels of password management, which is convenient for the timeliness of equipment settings.

9. It can be changed according to your requirements, truly "customized on demand", and the operation panel can be controlled by hand-held and touch screen.

This system has fast response speed, high motion control accuracy, and strong anti-interference ability; it is our aim to provide a one-stop complete soldering machine control solution, reducing costs and improving performance.

The main parameters of the system:

Power supply: core DC 5V, 2A

Peripheral control DC 24V, 3A

Motor type: depending on user configuration

Maximum motion coordinates: X, Y, Z, U, V axis: 4294m (independent of motion resolution), control accuracy: 0.0001mm

working environment:

Good ventilation, sanitary environment and little dust;

Storage space temperature: 0-50°;

Working space temperature: 5-40°;

Relative humidity in working space: 30%-90% without condensation.

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